deathsguitarist (deathsguitarist) wrote in videogameart,

characters: Vincent Valentine
final fantasy: Advent Children

comments: Alright well, I don't know if this is okay here, buuut, I wanted to share my newest creation with everyone!
I have recently restarted my plushie business, and made this Vincent as a gift for my boyfriend, an absolute FF fan. But, I would love to know what everyone thinks!

I am currently open for all serious commissions, I have been sewing for over 13 years, and I can make just about anything that stands like a human, Although I am willing to draw up designs for certain animals/characters as well.

Character plush [12 inches tall with fully detailed face/ clothing] start at $35 and the price raises depending on the size you request and the level of detail needed. I am open to negociation, and I am a reasonable person!! 
Payment for plushie and shipping is due prior to shipping of the plushie [much like an ebay auction], via paypal preferably.

Feel free to Email me at with any questions, I find it slightly easier than keeping up with lj threads =)

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